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This 1948 suburban ranch-style home was a collection of dark and dreary boxes. Renovations had been performed by craftsmen of varied expertise and completed to varying degrees, which added up to a life of detours and compromises. It did have some wonderful spaces though, mostly along the exterior walls where corner windows let light in and views out. However, the light and views were cut off from the interior and main living spaces that needed them the most.

We relieved several obstructions and connected areas of living by opening up walls and streamlining the interior of the home. The beautiful corner windows can now be enjoyed from almost anywhere in the home. Life and space flow easily, and warm wood tones and white walls exude calmness and serenity. The house is now at ease with itself and its inhabitants.


Architecture + Interior Design by Zeitgeist Sonoma

Construction by Toran Builders

Photography by Tammy Horton

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