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This 1989 residence must have been a carpenter's delight in its heyday.  Nestled into the Occidental redwood forest, it is a retreat from the busy life of the city.  From the outside, it resembles a log cabin, although it is not actually built from logs.  Yet the rich siding and long overhangs speak of a time when good lumber and craftsmanship were still abundant.  On the inside it features exposed beams, tongue and groove ceilings, and ridge skylights, all of which speak of the care taken to design and build this house.  However, the individual rooms did not echo this sentiment.  Most of them were sparse, lacked care for detail, and were arranged along a long, narrow hallway, feeling more like an inn than a residence.

We were asked to bring this home into the Zeitgeist.  We shortened the hallway by creating a cove which now inhabits the pantry, we opened up walls, and we removed obstructions.  We added earthy yet luxurious finishes and fixtures.  We aligned headers and redirected attention to the beautiful views and to quiet and serene living.  Our clients shared a deep care for design and an artistic eye, and together we created a Shangri-La of sorts, which does not stop at the exterior walls, but spills outside onto a new deck and stairs inviting engagement.  A clean outdoor kitchen tucked under a new shade trellis represents the pièce de résistance for this beautiful retreat in nature.  Inviting and cozy, yet spacious, this residence blends carefree living with a deep appreciation of beauty.

To see before + after photos of this project, click here.


Architecture + Interior Design by Zeitgeist Sonoma

Structural Engineering by MKM & Associates

Construction by Redwood Builders

Photography by Tammy Horton

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