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The owners of this 1985 suburban home were seeking to unify the disjointed main living spaces and create spatial cohesiveness.  We could empathize with these aspirations!  The main living areas were cut in half by a very tall wall and the ceilings were too tall for the footprint of the space.  To reduce the perceived height, we designed decorative trusses with the goal of bridging the vertical space and bringing it down to a more comfortable level.


We designed the kitchen with entertainment in mind, and easy flow to adjacent rooms.  We kept the palette to cool whites and custom finished white oak, so that the floor, cabinetry, and decorative trusses all quietly recede into the background, while letting the space itself do all the talking.  Much thought went into custom details such as the wine display cabinet under the stairs, the wine bar and choosing lighting fixtures to dress up the quiet coolness of the finishes.  The home office got wrapped in custom cabinetry in dark blue livery.  A curvaceous powder room sink invites inspection of its minimalist splendor.

Live the Zeitgeist of Sonoma. What we create is more than physical transformation; it is emotional transcendence.

To see before + after photos of this project, click here.

Architecture + Interior Design by Zeitgeist Sonoma

Construction by Nin Construction

Photography by Tammy Horton

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